Love Gives Way

Sex Trafficking is our century's greatest injustice. After seeing the realities of sex trafficking in my own city of Denver Colorado and across the world in the Himalayas, I have a deep desire to see an end to sex trafficking. 

As a wedding photographer I want to use my skills and profession to eradicate sex trafficking by giving a portion of my profits to a non-profit fighting sex trafficking. The non-profit I give to is Mountain Child, which is based in Nepal and works to fight sex trafficking, child labor, and teaches education, health and environmental awareness to those living in Nepal. My husband and I took two trips with Mountain Child and saw first hand the incredible work they are accomplishing on the ground.

I am a wedding vendor through the organization Love Gives Way which is rallying the wedding community around organizations fighting sex trafficking. Love Gives Way believes that your wedding day can raise support and awareness for organizations fighting sex trafficking, simply by the vendors you choose.