When the water dries up, You remain.

Through the pain and the sorrows, it’s You who stays the same.

When cracks cover the pavement, You seal them with Your mercy.

During my darkest hours, Your light shines without fail.

I lift my arms in praise to you Lord, as a child asking to be embraced by her father.

You will deliver me from all evil, and Your love surpasses all boundaries.

To understand the salvation that was bought for us, is unfathomable.

Yet we stay faithful forever, knowing You will come back to rescue us.

Your greatness overshadows all doubt.

And Your beauty radiates through all galaxies.

Your still small voice whispers across my skin like the wind.

But speaks volumes to my heart.

This poem I write is for your glory alone.

With Your presence near me, I can’t wait to come home.