A couple of days ago I was observing the flying pattern of some birds, as they were on the move to shelter themselves from the storm that was brewing. I was noticing how birds all fly together when they know a change of season is occurring or a storm is approaching. Birds are so in tune with the world around them. They can read nature and it almost seems as if they too have a direct relationship with the creator. Birds and all other animals don’t have anything distracting them from God, from His soft whisper. Birds can read and sense the curvature of the earth and without a GPS or a smart phone, know exactly where they need to go.

When we get bombarded and distracted by the things of this life we can loose track of the path God has put us on. Just like birds who fly in the right direction without the access of technology, we too will fly in the right direction when our focus Him, rather than the things of this world distracting us.

Such a simple truth, but I love how God can reveal to us a lesson through anything, if we are listening and observing His creation.