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As a photographer I strive to use my career and creativity to serve others and use my photography to introduce things to people they may not know about. The ethical world and the issue of sex trafficking are the things I'm passionate about and strive to make others aware of. When I first started becoming passionate about fighting sex trafficking, it became apparent to me that I couldn't fight one issue without being inevitably tied to stand for the other - the ethical world of fashion and products. Purchasing things ethically decreases the chance of a woman being caught in the sex trade because ethically made goods are produced in well maintained factories by people who are receiving fair wages. The more opportunities for fair wage jobs and healthy work environments, instead of sweatshops secures jobs for women who would otherwise have been trafficked. 

So, I've become that person who checks all the oxfam policies for each clothing company that I love, and I've had to sever some relationships with my favorite clothing brands. But to me, it's completely worth it. In the long run being more conscious of where I buy my clothes has saved me so much money, and I'm so thankful for it. Now, clothing shopping or gift shopping becomes more of a challenge, but I consider it a fun challenge. There still aren't that many ethical companies out there for every style of clothing, footwear, pj's and basics, but I'm a firm believer that the more people jump on this bandwagon, the more ethical brands will pop up with diversity. 

This Christmas I took on the challenge to only buy my gifts ethically, and I'm excited to share these incredible brands with you. My husband is always in need of beard oil (he grows an impressive beard) and I've been buying his beard oil from Mod Cabin for years. Their beard oil is handmade in Boulder, Colorado. Sometimes shopping ethically is as easy as purchasing goods made in your own state, or in US! *Etsy is a huge help in that area. INCREDIBLE Jewelry that has been made by women rescued from sex trafficking. Purpose has timeless pieces that are affordable. United By Blue is a clothing company that removes a pound of trash from the ocean with every product sold. They have really unique and mountainous apparel. I recently bought a flannel from them, and it honestly changed my life, hands down the best most sturdiest flannel I've ever owned. Let's talk about how cute those socks are --- am I right??? Legacy Candle, sells candles to fight sex trafficking. *Honey & Fig is my favorite scent that they carry, but I can only imagine that Winter is great as well! Mulxiply (pronounced multiply) is based our of Portland Maine, but they work with women directly in Nepal who make all their products. This Mulxiply clutch has such a unique pattern, and you can use it for a night out, for your makeup or for organizing. I'm excited to hand this off to a relative this Christmas! 


That's my wrap for this Christmas. Follow these incredible blogs below to find more ethical brands, and to read educational articles about these issues. ALSO, please check out Love Gives Way if you are recently engaged please considering hiring wedding vendors for your wedding who are giving back! Contact me for more details or head to our website | |

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